CIC has established strategic partnership with companies and organization whose technologies and solutions best accompany our consulting and service methodology. This allows us to recommend the right solution for our customer's specific business requirment. We continue to strengthen and expand our strategic alliances with the goal of creating integrated solutions that provide business value, increase IT efficiencies, and optimize IT infrastructures.

Kovarus Inc.
Kovarus is highly regarded as a leader in IT integration. Through their deep expertise in virtualization, server, storage, networking and cloud computing, Kovarus enables our customers to dramtically simplify their IT operations and cost-effictively deliver the resources they need to succeed in today's highly competitive enviroment. We focus on increasing IT efficiency for our clients by architecting and integrating business-aligned IT solutions. Kovarus are platinum partners with the world largest IT manufacturers; EMC, VmWare, VCE(Virtual Computing Environment) Company, Cisco, Juniper, Citrix and Symantec
Irish Communication Company
Irish Communication is recognized as a leader in the design, engineering, project management and implementation of complex structure cabling and fiber optics communications solutions throughout California.  Solutions which include underground substructure, large scale aerial builds, inter-building and intra-building backbones systems, high-speed horizontal cabling systems, converged networking and Data Center Infrastructure solutions.
Ezra Systems
Ezra systems provides turn-key service delivery solutions. By combining their expertise in the technology operations and software development fields our team is able to leverage this 'Dev-Ops' model to efficiently deliver on projects faster and with a higher level of accuracy than typical integration focused delivery models.